Don't chase the perfect light. Know when and where it’s gonna be and meet up with it.

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SolarDawg is an easy to use, accurate reference tool for all your natural light ponderings. Store all your important locations or use GPS to display current location data.

SolarDawg includes a compass with interactive sunrise and sunset locations. Scouting a location for a later date? Change the date in the calendar to your event date and plan with confidence.

Location! Location! Location!

Store all your important locations to quickly switch to the information you need. SolarDawg delivers accurate information for any location worldwide, any time of year. Time zone and daylight savings nuances are not a problem for SolarDawg.

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Don't chase the perfect light


Artfully displayed data in an app that's easy to use


Interactively see where the sun will rise and set on location

Save Locations

Search & save worldwide locations for quick future access


Perfectly adjusts for time zone & DST nuances worldwide


Remote location? View sunrise & sunset angles worldwide


Precise solar data for any date, past, present or future

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Take the guesswork out of natural light. No signup. No fees. Download and be informed. Let SolarDawg show you the light.

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Is SolarDawg Free?

Yes. We're ad supported. Our ads will not hold you hostage. They are quick one page ads that appear every 3 clicks and can immediately be closed if you’re not interested. If you are interested, please click on through. We think our advertisers are pretty cool and we get more support for a click through than we do for a close.